Consumption of Mother Brain Through Parasitic Drone

by King Green

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The Krinian culture is in dire need of resources. In an attempt to extract iron ore that has been depleted from thousands of years of unregulated mining in the Irliik caves, the Krozo scientific council decides to deploy a biomechanical parasite drone to the nearest asteroid, Setnis Aiav, for an emergency extraction. However, the Krinians are unaware that a large Mother Brain (organic, fleshy hubs of data used by spacefaring civilizations) is embedded in the heart of the asteroid. As the operation continues, the Mother Brain is breached and ingested slowly through the drone's proboscis, which triggers a space fleet of Cgorin ships to arrive via wormhole and begin firing charged plasma at the asteroid...


released February 5, 2017

Myles Oliver - keyboard, vocals, recording, production
Sam Hess - drums
Kenny Darrens - guitar
James Thanitus - guitar



all rights reserved


King Green Akron, Ohio

King Green is the alias for Myles Oliver's solo experimental music project.

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