The Moon Has Fallen

by King Green

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The story set before you took place in a bizarre, magical place called Hildevot.

Hildevot was a kind of inward sanctuary. Located under a mysterious spherical membrane floating in a world of endless sky, Hildevot had an expansive landscape of fields, farm land, and lush coniferous forests, much like our own, and was populated by ghost-like beings that used electricity and water as primary energy sources. The beings also were obsessed with the strange orb that hung above their heads. They created a religion around the black mass, even consuming massive quantities of lung-rocks; black clumps of fleshy matter that would occasionally fall from the sphere. These lung-rocks would induce nightmarish and ecstatic visions in its users, and became so desirable to the Hildevot natives, that they were eventually made only available to elite clergy members of the Ecclesia Est Unum Magnum Mysterium (Church of the Great Mysterious One). This spawned underground trade of lung-rocks, inevitably leading to more crazed inhabitants. Many would consume so much of the substance that they would transform themselves into deranged wanderers, completely trapped within an inscrutable state of speech and behavior.

As the dark sphere above this peculiar land began to descend from its stationary position, the denizens of Hildevot had to sort fact from fiction; was their moon truly falling, or had their collective madness manufactured the crisis?

About the recording: The songs were created from a series of reorganized, improvised performances; some recorded separately, others recorded simultaneously. There also are some composed melodies that have been worked into the improvisations. All of the recordings took place in my basement using a Nokia Lumia phone microphone.


released February 25, 2016

Myles Oliver - vocals, keyboard, keyboard percussion, household objects (glass cups, silverware, wood, etc.), composition/ direction, production
J.L. Funktown - guitar, electronics, static
Sam 'He-Man' Hess - drums, percussion, guest vocals on "Cristallum Portas Aperire"
Thor ft. Chefgod - guest vocals on "Fractis Muris"
Mike Jolie - trombone



all rights reserved


King Green Akron, Ohio

King Green is the alias for Myles Oliver's solo experimental music project.

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